Textile Gallery

Original Framed Art Work – Prices do not include postage. Contact Me

Please note that the images in frames may appear a little cloudy. This is because they are behind glass.

Copyright of the artist, Barbara Meynell

‘Floating Leaves’ Painted silk, silk and paper collage, stitch – machine and hand embroidery

380 x 390 mm float framed. 280.00 GBP ORIGINAL SOLD Prints available.

‘Backwater’ Transfer dyes, collage, free motion machine stitch.
505 x 280 mm float framed 280 GBP

‘Hedgerow’ Embellished fibre, fabric, transfer dye, free motion machine stitch.

465 x 365 mm float framed. 280.00 GBP

Shoreline Framed

‘Shoreline’ Batik on paper, machine stitch.

370 x 190 mm float framed. 220.00 GBP