Fringed Scarf -Greensleeves


Individually painted on Thai silk, ‘Greensleeves’ fringed scarf has a lustrous sheen with a rich depth of colour. Ideal for winter wear draped over a coat or in the neckline, it has wonderful properties of insulation. The pattern created on this scarf is totally unique.

‘Greensleeves’ scarf was hand painted on 100% natural Thai silk made from raw yarn, so it has a ‘slubby’ uneven weave, which is only evident on close inspection. The scarf is lightweight and smooth with a good length for folding and draping. It is ideal for wear over a coat but will look good with any outfit and will stay in place on clothes without slipping. The scarf was painted using the shibori technique of pole wrapping. Between each wrapping the dyes were steam set for intense colour saturation. The scarf is colourfast and can be washed safely in warm water by hand.

For mailing I have chosen packaging that is 100% recyclable, wrapping your scarf in tissue paper and placing it inside a C5 size postal mailer. A card with care instructions is enclosed and the circular sticker securing the tissue reads ‘ Handmade with love by Scenic Silks’. Postage is free!

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Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 2.5 cm

Moss green, Rusty Brown, Kelly Green

Scarf Size

170cms x 32cms (67" x13")

Scarf Weight



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