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Now non-essential shops are open again it’s time to start painting scarves again for my outlets. I’ve been having a creative four months, painting with oil and cold wax medium, playing with acrylics and sewing with free motion machine embroidery  Some pieces may even be good enough to frame. No time is ever wasted and its all been a great learning experience..

First of all I’d like to tell you about a commission I had for a scarf last year. In circle dance an object such as a scarf is placed in the centre of the circle providing a focus. I regularly dance with a lovely group of people to music from all over the world. Everyone knows of Greek dancing but there are East European, Israeli and African dances as well as those created by the dancers themselves to classical or Celtic type music for example. The dance teachers travel to teach groups and they visited South Africa last November. This square scarf was a present for the group host. I designed it with abstract dancers at each corner and with the requested colours.


Scarf made for dancing group
The circle dancers in South Africa


The dancers scarf
The dancers scarf with a candle and flowers.


The scarf as centrepiece
The scarf as centrepiece for the circle.


Recently I’ve had to pause my painterly experiments to work on a set of scarves for The Liverpool Gift Gallery. I’ve been painting these for the owner for some time, but Liverpool FC had just won the Premier League causing a great deal of excitement in the city, so she suggested painting the birds in the team colours. We think they’ll be popular. I also painted in the usual colour combinations of pink/grey/black and turquoise/blue. The birds hold a gift in their beaks and there are waves rippling here and there.

Liver Bird scarves
New Liver Bird Scarves painted in red, grey and black.


The scarves are beautifully soft to wear and fill that ‘gap’ between neck and dress. I usually double them and thread through the loop for a more substantial effect. I have lots of scarves in my wardrobe that I call ‘rejects’ because small mistakes have happened during painting. But I’m such a perfectionist that no one would notice unless they study the scarves in detail. I put a lot of care and attention into painting the Liver Bird Scarves. They are presented in large cellophane sleeves for sale with the washing instructions on a card that you see here.

Watch this scarf being created in these videos :-

Instagram – barbarameynellart

Youtube Channel – Barbara Meynell ( video with subtitles )


To buy this scarf click this link to Liverpool Gift Gallery :-

Hand Painted Liver Bird Silk Scarf – Grey/Pink and Grey/Red

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