Painting Scarves for Valentines Day

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Painting Scarves For Valentines Day –

I have a tried and tested approach to painting my scarves, but I’ve just found a quicker way to paint that’s been ‘staring me in the face’ for some time. I suppose that in the past the steaming process has failed to remove wax completely from scarves so I was pleased when some batik scarves I was doing for Valentines Day came out fine.

I’ve always painted around motifs such as flowers, circles etc and this takes time and care. In the latest ‘Valentines’ limited edition I’ve waxed over the small painted shapes and hearts then swept paint across the whole scarf with two brushes holding two colours. I’m not sure if this will work with larger motifs and I certainly want to avoid the waxy ‘halo’ around them that I half expected to see after steaming.

Hearts Scarf
Hearts drawn in washout pen ready for wax outlines.


scarf for valentines
The painted scarf


valentines scarf
The steamed scarf ready to wear!

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