New Scarves

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New Designs, New Techniques.

I love thinking of new designs to draw on my scarves and mixing colours that ‘zing’ together. A few weeks ago I got down to working on a batch of crepe de chine scarves loosely inspired by the lovely blue geranium flowers in my garden that bloom for a short while in summer, and the purple ones that go on into the autumn. They are wonderful ground cover and stop the weeds growing. I spend a lot of time gardening – thank goodness for the winter!

I have quite a few scarf blanks that don’t do very well in the steamer. I find the heavier weight crepe de chine becomes obviously ‘crepey’ in patches, so is unfit for sale. I’ve been experimenting with ice dyeing and shibori and I’m quite pleased with the results. I’m using Procion dyes for this technique and I was a bit heavy handed when I scattered the dye onto the ice, so they’re very garish. In ice dyeing the soda soaked fabric is laid in a colander resting in a bucket, then covered with ice cubes. The powder dyes go next and are left to soak through onto the fabric for 12 hours. The most amazing patterns are formed this way. I cant wait to do some more.

new scarf with flower design
New scarf 40 x 150 cms size with flower design drying on the frame.
Ice Dyed Scarf
Ice Dyed Twill Scarf

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