Making Scarves

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Making Scarves

November is always a hectic month as I’m making scarves for shop outlets and fairs. There’s also marketing and updating my online shop to be done. It’s looking depleted so I need to photograph some new scarves. I try to choose the very best scarves for online as I want 100% customer satisfaction. I also need the best for my outlets. In fact I need the best all round and I’m a hard taskmaster to myself! What do I do with rejects? Well, I wear them myself or I cut them up for wrapping round bangles. I’ve got quite a wardrobe full of scarves.

Bangles wrapped with strips of silk from reject scarves.


The bangles make good stocking fillers and It’s good to be recycling by using plastic bangles from charity shops.

In my Autumn newsletter I wrote briefly about a new shop in West Derby. It’s owned by poet and writer Georgina Moore and called the Liverpool Gift Gallery. The shop is in an affluent part of Liverpool and I’m sure Georgie is going to be successful. While I was there two local ladies were peering through the door and she opened it to chat. They said they were very pleased that a gift shop was opening in the village and would spread the word. It opens on Monday.

New Liverpool shop
Looking across the shop from behind the counter where I had my scarves. I roll them around tissue for carriage.


I’ve created a new design of the Liver Bird carrying a gift in its beak that will be exclusive to the shop. I first of all draw the birds with washable pen and then wax their outlines. I paint inside the motifs ( quite fiddly to do) and paint the background. I take them off the frames when dry and then it’s a case of getting down on the floor ( creak, creak!) to wrap these and others in paper for the steamer.

Liver Bird scarf
One of my ‘Liver Bird’ scarves exclusive to the Liverpool Gift Gallery.


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