Hand Painted Scarves

Crepe de Chine Scarf

Unique silk scarves with original designs hand painted using batik techniques, or shibori resist dyeing, by designer maker Barbara Meynell.

Crepe de Chine Scarves

Each of my lightweight crêpe de chine scarves is unique, having been hand painted but also created with batik techniques. They measure 28 x 130 cms. (11 x 50 inches). I draw with hot wax that runs through a pen-like tool called a tjanting. These fine lines set immediately creating a resist for the dyes that are applied inside and outside the lines. The dyes are steam-fixed, so the next part of the process involves several hours of steaming in a special container. All the wax is steamed out during this time, and the scarves become colourfast. The finished scarves have a beautifully subtle sheen and vibrant colours.

The image is a close-up of one of my scarves folded in half lengthwise and threaded through the loop.

I can do custom orders for these scarves, so if you don’t see the colours you are looking for in the shop, please contact me  and I will paint in your chosen colours.

You could also request similar designs on lightweight Ponge silk (very similar to crêpe de chine) measuring 40 x 150 cms (16 x 60 inches). Please note that my designs and colours change slightly from scarf to scarf. I have had orders for duplicates and it can’t be done!

Fringed Thai Silk Scarves

Created on 100% natural Thai Silk, each fringed scarf is individually painted using shibori techniques. The silk is folded lengthwise several times and wrapped tightly around a tube, then painted with steam fixed dyes. The process is usually repeated twice more with brief steaming between, until I’m satisfied with the colour balance and intensity. After the final steaming, the scarf is completely colourfast and ironing removes any creases.

Any imperfections in the weave are part of the nature of this silk. When the raw silk fibres were extracted from the cocoon they were drawn together and not processed any further. The ‘slubby’ texture is part of its charm and is only visible on close inspection. Overall the silk is smooth. The fibres reflect light and the scarves have a beautiful sheen. These scarves have wonderful properties of insulation and are cosy when folded double, helping to cure any stiffness of the neck.

Twill and Crepe Satin Scarves

These scarves are individually created using shibori techniques. This is a process of folding and wrapping in two stages to produce a layered effect on the high quality twill and crêpe satin silks. (Crêpe satin has crêpe on the reverse). There are two sizes of the twill scarves measuring 28 x 130 cms and 40 x 150 cms. They both have a beautiful sheen and barely retain creases, so that with a quick iron they are again like new. Being dense opaque fabrics, the dyes have full vibrancy. Your scarf is bound to attract attention!