About my Art

drawing with wax
One of my early batiks on silk.

I design, create and sell hand painted silk scarves and ties. I was a teacher for most of my working life but art was always my passion. I loved creating batik pictures by drawing with hot wax and seeing it resist the dye; on cotton fabric and then later on silk.  I began to paint these landscapes on silk, hence the name ‘Scenic Silks’. I also painted large square scarves with all kinds of designs including astrological signs, dolphins and cats. On ties I was asked to paint a wide range of subjects including puffins, canal boats and cruise liners!  It was quite a challenge to squeeze the details into such a small space. Now all my designs are abstract and mostly designed on long scarves, but occasionally I paint ‘scenes’ for a commission. There’s a post on my blog about a scarf I painted for circle dancers.





Hand Painted Scarves – how I design and create

In my studio
In my studio with a canting tool

Each of my scarves is unique, being hand painted using batik techniques. I draw with hot wax on lightweight crêpe de chine scarves measuring 28×130 cms. The wax runs through a pen-like tool known as a canting. These fine lines set immediately. creating a resist for the dyes that are applied inside and outside the lines. The dyes are steam-fixed, so the next part of the process involves several hours of steaming in a special container. All the wax is steamed out during this time, and the scarves become colourfast. The finished scarves have a beautifully subtle sheen and vibrant colours.

I can do custom orders for these scarves, so if you don’t see the colours you are looking for in the shop, please contact me and I will paint in your chosen colours.

You could also request similar designs on scarves measuring 40×150 cms (on Ponge 5 silk only) or 45×180 cms (lightweight crepe de chine). Please note that my designs and colours change slightly from scarf to scarf. I have had orders for exact copies and it can’t be done!



Hand Printed Ties – combined techniques

hand printed tie
One of my first printed ties

My hand printed ties use mixed media for a layered effect. Each of my ties is unique, being hand coloured and printed for a multi-layered effect. Acrylic fabric paint is applied over a transferred or coloured fabric crayon background. The ties are colourfast and can be wiped over to clean, and steam-ironed. I work on crepe de chine or crepe satin ‘classic’ style ties measuring 140 cm in length and 10 cms at their widest point.
I can do custom orders for these ties, so if you don’t see what you are looking for in the shop, please contact me and I will paint in your chosen colours and type of fabric. (Habotai, satin or twill).

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