About my Art Work

drawing with wax‘Scenic Silks’ was originally chosen as a descriptive name for my batik pictures that were created on silk scarves, ties and for framed pieces . Batik is a process of alternatively applying hot wax and painting with dye. My art work has developed and changed over 20 years, but it felt right to keep the Scenic Silks name.

I hand paint original designs on silk scarves using either batik or shibori techniques. My hand printed ties use mixed media for a layered effect. All my scarves are steamed to fix the paints on the fabric. My batik scarves are created with drawn lines of wax and paints applied both inside and outside these resist lines.

I am passionate about colour and its application on silk and paper. On paper, I create mixed media pictures using batik and soft pastels. I also paint in oils.  My current art work for sale can be viewed in the gallery and various techniques and inspirations are described in more depth on my blog



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