About my Art Work

drawing with wax‘Scenic Silks’ was originally chosen as a descriptive name for my batik pictures that were created on silk scarves, ties and for framed pieces . Batik is a process of alternatively applying hot wax and painting with dye. My art work has developed and changed over 20 years, but it felt right to keep the Scenic Silks name.

I am passionate about colour and its application on silk and paper. On paper or board I create mixed media pictures using batik and batiked paper collage. I’ve also started working in soft pastels on board with an acrylic inks ground and with oils and cold wax medium.  I’ll be adding a gallery of my art work in 2020. Meanwhile read on for more information about my products.

Hand Painted Scarves

Each of my scarves is unique, being hand painted using batik techniques. I draw with hot wax on lightweight crêpe de chine scarves. The wax runs through a pen-like tool known as a tjanting. These fine lines set immediately. creating a resist for the paints that are applied inside and outside the lines. The paints are steam-fix, so the next part of the process involves several hours of steaming in a special container. All the wax is steamed out during this time, and the scarves become colourfast.

I do custom orders for these scarves, so if you don’t see the colours you are looking for in the shop, please contact me and I will paint in your chosen colours.

Hand Printed Ties

handprinted tie

My hand printed ties use mixed media for a layered effect.. Each of my ties is unique, being hand coloured and printed for a multi-layered effect. Acrylic fabric paint is applied over a transferred or coloured fabric crayon background. The ties are colourfast and can be wiped over to clean, and steam-ironed. I work on crepe de chine or crepe satin ‘classic’ style ties measuring 140 x 10 cms.
I do custom orders for these ties, so if you don’t see what you are looking for in the shop, please contact me and I will paint in your chosen colours and type of fabric.

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